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Konny’s Commitment

Konny’s delivers a quick and easy,

consistently remarkable car wash experience for people that take pride in driving

a clean, well-maintained vehicle.

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Konny’s Crew

Our Crew works hard to ensure every

Konny’s Car Wash visit is smart choice for

busy people needing a fast, convenient, friendly car wash experience because

we know you value driving off in a sparkling clean, sustainably, well maintained vehicle without wasting the time, effort, and water used in at-home car wash.

Konny’s Community

Looking for a way to reward your supporters for an upcoming fundraiser?  Let’s talk. Konny’s works with local nonprofits to provide valuable give-away items.  For more information, contact a Konny’s Crew Member at

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Konny’s Environmental Care

We’re doing our best to protect the environment and run a sustainable operation.  Here’s how:


Conserve Water with a 3-minute Professional Wash versus washing your car at home. A standard garden hose runs about 10 gallons of water a minute while a professional car wash uses about 3 gallons of water a minute. That 9 gallons for the whole visit.  Konny’s Car Wash uses less than a minute of home water usage.  So you’re not only saving time at Konny’s, but you’ll also use substantially less water.


Protect Ground Water and Surroundings by capturing liquids used in the car wash process and recycling them through the city’s sewage treatment facility for future non-potable use. Our approach prevents cleaning chemicals from entering storm drains and potentially polluting Texas creeks, rivers, and lakes. 


Environmentally Friendly pH-balanced, biodegradable ingredients are used in the car wash and rinse cycles to further protect the environment.


Native Texas Xeriscape Landscaping at each location requires little or no irrigation and helps conserve water.

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