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Konny's CAr Wash Benefits

Konny’s Club membership is the smart way to get an

unlimited number of car wash visits each month.


It’s easy to start washing your vehicle up to once a day

with no long term contract and convenient monthly billing.

  • How do I join Konny's Club?
    On your next visit to Konny’s Car Wash ask one of the Konny’s Crew to get you signed up for a monthly unlimited wash package at your favorite service level – Ultimate, Supreme, or Deluxe. All memberships can be used at any Konny’s Club location.
  • How will I be billed for my Konny's Club Membership?
    Your monthly billing payment date is based on the day of the month you sign up. If you sign up on the 31st, you’ll be billed on the last day of the month in those months with less than 31 days. To update or cancel your Konny’s Club Membership, just let us know by submitting your request via this form.
  • Can I add more vehicles to my Konny's Club account?
    More than one vehicle in the family. The Konny’s Club program assigns a club member number to a specific vehicle and its corresponding license plate. One plan per vehicle. Our Family Plans allow you to purchase additional membership plans (each for a single vehicle) at a discounted fee under a single membership account. The fee for all members in a family plan must be charged to the same Payment Method.
  • Can I transfer my Konnny's Club Membership to another vehicle?
    At any time you can transfer your membership to a new or different vehicle by visiting one of our locations and asking a Konny’s Crew member to make the change. They’ll handle removing the old description and license plate and replacing it with your updated vehicle information.
  • How do I cancel my Konny's Club Membership?
    Konny’s Club Memberships can be cancelled at any time and you can continue to use the service until the day before your next billing cycle. Therefore, we do not offer a refund on monthly membership fees collected. If you need to cancel your plan and don’t have time to stop by one of our locations, you can let us know with the Membership Change Form. To ensure you don’t get billed again, please make sure you submit the form in a minimum of 72 hours before your next recharge date. As a reminder the recharge date is the day of the month you originally signed up.
  • Do you offer Konny's Club Memberships for businesses?
    Konny’s Club is for personal use only, no taxis, limos, shuttles, or app-based transportation services. For information regarding the business service options, please visit your nearest location and speak with one of our Konny’s Crew Members.
  • Still have more questions for the Konny's Crew?
    If you still have questions about joining Konny’s Club or how the program works, please visit one of your locations and one of the Konny’s Crew Members will be happy to answer all your questions and get you enrolled so you can start benefiting from unlimited monthly car washes. If you are already a Konny’s Club Member and you have questions about your account, you can contact us three ways: Visit one of our locations Email us at Call our crew at XXX-XXX-XXXX
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