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Become a Konny's Crew Member

Konny’s Crew Members are key to make every visit an extraordinary experience.  Konny’s customers are attracted to stop in for a fast, friendly clean that makes them look and feel good.

Our success, measured in a growing number of Konny’s Club Members and returning guests, depends on a dedicated Crew that keeps a spotless car wash running safely and smoothly.

Every Konny’s Crew Member is paid a living wage with several positions eligible for sales commissions. 


Apply to become a Konny’s team member.

Our business is growing, and we are continually looking for friendly, enthusiastic people who enjoy serving customers and are passionate about maintaining a well-functioning operation to join our team. We are looking for employees with a desire to grow their leadership skills and team building experience.  If you enjoy taking initiative, multitasking, and problem solving while demonstrating a sense of urgency and courtesy, you would be a great fit for the Konny’s team. The ability to work outside in varying weather conditions and stand on feet for long period of time in a fast-paced environment is required.

Mechanical-minded individuals are a plus.

Konny's Car Wash Site Manager Job Description.png

General Manager

  • Lead and develop team members in accordance with the Konny’s Car Wash standards of customer service, performance, equipment maintenance, and quality assurance.

  • Train staff to safely process vehicles.

  • Develop a maintenance plan to properly maintain equipment and our facility.

  • Effectively delegate assignments to staff to meet our established standards.

  • Learn all job positions and be knowledgeable about our services and products to appropriately train staff to provide excellent service.

  • Provide constructive feedback to encourage progress and competency.

  • Maintain labor budgets and schedule staff as business dictates.

  • Continually improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing excellent customer service, ensure our facility is clean, and promote Konny’s Club unlimited wash memberships.

  • Work well independently or with teammates, demonstrating a high sense of urgency and purpose.

  • Maintain tools, test equipment and other company materials in a professional manner.

  • Complete all company paperwork and any required documents in a timely manner.

  • Performs other related duties as required and assigned.

Konny's Car Wash Assistant Manager Job Description.png

Assistant Manager

  • Collaborate with General Manager in leading and developing team members in accordance with Konny’s Car Wash standards for customer service, performance, quality assurance and equipment maintenance.

  • Assist General Manager in staff recruiting, retention, and training.

  • Conduct daily preventative maintenance as delegated by General Manager to properly operate equipment and the facility in clean and working order.

  • Open and close site.

  • Facilitate daily operations including sweeping, mopping, cleaning and general upkeep of the property.

  • Grow Konny’s Club membership volume and promote Konny’s Car Wash’s values through exceptional customer service.

Konny's Car Wash Crew Job Description.png

Crew Members

  • Responsible for greeting customers, answering questions, and explaining the available wash options.

  • Stand at the pay stations and assist every customer by responding to customer inquiries.

  • Safely and efficiently load every vehicle with clear hand signals and a smile.

  • Strive for customer satisfaction by receiving every guest with a warm and friendly welcome, providing support throughout the entire wash process, and ensuring a complete and thorough wash for all guests.

  • Sweeping and mopping customer and employee areas, cleaning windows and tunnel equipment, washing and folding towels, emptying trash hourly, keeping vacuums in good working order, and general upkeep of the property including pressure washing and picking up trash.

  • Display a clean, fresh, and professional appearance at all times

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